The Move Logic Pro Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is designed to make a wide range of devices smarter—everything from smartphones to vehicles—by constantly adapting to their users and their environment. This increase in intelligence and awareness helps make devices even more productive—creating rich, personalized, and intuitive user experiences. Move Logic Pro deploys a wide array of services and integrations to maximize interactions across all aspects of business operations.


Answer important HR questions with centralized, real-time data instead of scattered, outdated spreadsheets. Process payroll directly through MoveLogicPro. Manage workforce growth and understand turnover trends. Boost employee engagement. Align with the company’s budget and increase operational efficiency.


Mitigate Risk, Automate Audit Trails & Increase Efficiency. Unify all your corporate compliance activities, including policies, learning, and communications, into one smart, easy-to-use system. Make compliance hassle-free for both your employees and managers. Provide defensible proof of compliance to auditors and executives.


The heart of any successful business is nurturing client relationships. Your CRM should be intuitive, and easy to navigate. Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.


With Move Logic Pro, it's easy to create secure, cloud-based portals where you can collaborate with teams and clients. Easily store, access, and share files from your own secure, branded client portal. Create private workspaces to engage and collaborate directly with your clients.


Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.


Manage all incoming leads whether they come from your website, inbound calls, social media, or internet leads. Automated email responses, pipeline management, and sales team delegation. Stay on top of all your business leads, and convert them to actual sales.


Manage your entire operations in a central system. A dynamic interactive calendar, with virtual To Do task managers. Use Move Logic Pro to keep staff informed of what's happening in your company. Share Announcements, meetings and Events, Create Project Groups, and Company Documents all in a central place.


A Powerful Central Calendar for Jobs, Estimates, Mover Availability and Assignments, and Company Events. Create and Track Jobs that integrate with your entire operations. Dashboard displays quick view of Upcoming Jobs, Movers on Call and Movers on Job.


How your business responds to and handles all incoming claims will make or break your business. Having state compliant claims management tools will help remove those liabilities.


Know your assets’ movements and status at all times, so you can make immediate decisions. Reduce asset losses and optimize your asset utilization with automated inventory processes. Make ordering new supplies and inventory a simple task when inventory runs low. Virtual vendor management organizes all your vendors, purchase orders, and purchase history.


Comprehensive storage management with automatic storage invoicing and support for Long Term Storage, Short Term Storage and Storage-In- Transit (SIT). Easily track and locate storage in any size facility. Sophisticated warehouse management tools to simplify movements of incoming and outgoing storage.


Add your entire fleet in just a few clicks. No matter the size of your fleet, owned, leased, or rented. MoveLogicPro will help you manage Truck capacities, Truck inventories, rates, parking rules, drivers, maintenance schedules and records, and all the transportation logistics for your moving jobs.


Know where your team is in real-time and get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the field so you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Start understanding the true impact your fleet’s performance has on your business through a number of dashboards. Know how your drivers are really performing and get the right driver data to effectively coach them to improve.


Our plans are designed to meet your fleet’s specific needs with convenient, mobile-friendly electronic logging solutions. MoveLogicPro ELD fleet solution is designed to make the ELD mandate work for you, helping drivers handle inspections with accurate, user-friendly logs. ELD usage has become mandatory for all long-haul fleets.


MoveLogicPro notification system makes scheduling daily, weekly, and monthly “to-do” lists easy, and accessible. Staff can log in every day to view and manage Jobs. Share Announcements, meetings and events, and Company Documents all in a central place MoveLogicPro will notify and inform personnel via SMS and Email, without the need of you having to waste tons of time to lookup numbers and manually having to call everyone.


MoveLogicPro allows you to generate custom reports by date range for many operation and transactional types of data including Payments, Referrals, Claims, Payroll and even Commissions paid. Go even deeper and generate reports on how your marketing dollars are being spent, and which tools are generating the most bang for the buck. Having the ability to analyze how every dollar is coming in and going out, and how to allocate your funds to maximize returns is the key to growth and sustaining long term success.


Personalized emails and newslettersbuild connections. Our autoresponder makes it simple! Create a personalized email once, and set it to send automatically for triggers like birthdays, move dates or a customer milestone. Set it and forget it functionality, for your email. When you add new contacts to your automated list, they’ll start receiving a scheduled series of emails. Your audience stays engaged, and ready to take action.


Stay in front of your new, current, and past clients with sophisticated Social Media integration, plug-and-play email drip campaigns, newsletters, blogs, across the board review management, and marketing analytics. You can do away with outsourcing the social media managers, review postings, reputation control, and constant contact.


Bring all of your messages from all of your profiles into a single stream. Find opportunities to engage, tag incoming messages, join conversations, and respond to customers across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Yellow and Super Pages, and Instagram. Social Connect takes your email marketing beyond the inbox with a quick and easy way to share your messages and emails across all your social media platforms.


Move Logic Pro will help collect feedback from your customers through social listening. The process in distributing, tracking and promoting reviews will help your business stand out and manage online reputation. Our platform also encourages existing Google users to share their experiences on your business's Google Local page. You will convert more customers by separating yourself from your competitors and rank higher on the internet with more reviews and a higher rating.


Having the ability to organically optimize your existing website using the MoveLogicPro platform is the first logistics related software to offer this service. If your website does not show up on the first page of Google, then you are potentially losing a huge amount of business. Our Team at Move Logic Pro specializes in SEO, and can help optimize an existing website, or even create additional fully optimized sites or landing pages to augment your business platform.


AdWords can be tedious, difficult work. Inefficiencies are easy to miss and profits are fragile. Make staying on top of Adwords quick and stress free. Our Improvement Engine will scan & fmonitor your AdWords account to search for possible improvements.


Online accounting made easy. Detailed analytics of all streams of income and expenses. Understand how your marketing dollars are being spent across the board, and determine what is the highest and best use of your marketing efforts. Sync data between your devices, check balances, manage accounts and track purchases—anytime, anywhere. Make stronger decisions and empower your team members by giving them access to the most important information 24/7 on any device, where ever they are.


Role Permissions are an effective way for you to manage what your users can view and access. You can tailor-make any number of roles in MoveLogicPro and give them permissions of your choice based on your personalized needs. With the technology improvements and the application of computers in every other field, the profile of a system administration has greatly increased. Delegate routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission levels and restrict the access of systems to authorized users.


MoveLogicPro’s dynamic phone system is powered by Ring Central. The cloud phone solution for your business revolutionizes your office phone system admin, call management, caller experience, and dynamic call tracking. Customize your business needs with a suite of options to take your business to the next level.


Users will have access to the most robust asset tracking marketplace. Connect, track, and monitor all of your business assets, including commercial & non commercial vehicles, non rolling assets, labor force (human assets), and video surveillance. Staying connected to your workforce, using Android, Windows or iOS platforms, will help you make better informed decisions. Connecting your entire team has never been easier.


Brands are more than just names and logos, they are the complete personality of the company, reflected at every customer touchpoint. Creating a new company or product brand identity can prove challenging and time consuming. BrandLogicPro will guide you through Brand Creation, Brand implementation, and rebranding if required. We offer customized marketing materials and printed products for business or personal use to fit any budget, style and occasion.